You’re invited on a Journey

You’ve heard the adage that it’s all about the journey — well, you’re being invited on a journey. One where your hands are on the reins and you can guide your dream where you want it to go whether your destination is a new business, more creativity or finally learning to trust your inner wisdom.

I know you have questions … Is this right for you? Do you have what it takes? Can you really be or have all that you’ve dreamed of?

Would it bring you peace to know the answers to your questions are already contained within you? You KNOW the way. But, following your inner compass is not always easy. There are obstacles and challenges. We’re here to help you find, and set your feet on, the path you’re meant to discover — and in a way that is a unique, fun and exciting.

We partner with nature, animals — and the perfect mix of expert minds when needed — giving you the opportunity to explore your innermost spirit in authenticity and safety. You will leave the ranch with a road map and a plan to manifest and sustain that which you seek.

Meet Your Inner Entreprenuer

Have you been called to solve a problem by starting a business? If quitting your day-job would feel like the ultimate liberation and allow you to embrace your spirit’s true mission, this journey is for you.

Meet Your Inner Creator

Would you like to allow your creativity to flow effortlessly? No matter how you express yourself — visual art, writing, music, 3d, craft, performance — this journey will allow to connect and bond with your inner creator in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Meet Your Inner Wise Woman

Would you like to walk through every day mindfully focused on the QUALITY of your life rather than the length of your to-do list? Are you ready to honor the pain, pleasure, and persistence of your past — and then let it go in exchange for peace? On this journey, you will learn how to walk in your feminine wisdom with honor and confidence.

This is the place you've been seeking ...

Nature and animals become your guides in finding wisdom.

There is an energy in the rhythm of nature that can still even the most anxious heart. When you’re seeking, that stillness can help you find your way. It can raise that small voice inside you that is yearning to be heard. Animals understand this nature at its most intrinsic level. They live it. They are it. And they can teach you how to become present in the moment, discarding your past and allowing your future path to become apparent and real. Ranch animals — horses, especially — are in tune not only with nature but with humanity. At The Beer Ranch you will experience contact with multiple species — most domestic, some wild — who will become your trusted support in the processes of letting go and moving forward.


We offer three custom journeys. One for Entrepreneurs, one for Artists and one for Women seeking to embrace their inner wisdom. All Journeys begin at 4 pm, run through the following day and night and conclude at noon on the third day.

Entrepreneurial Development

Manifest the business you want or grow the business you have with our unique, intensive Entrepreneurial Development workshops. We work with soloprenuers and teams in a creative, fun format that delivers results.

Personal Growth & Trauma Recovery

If you are seeking to let go of the past and grow into a positive, amazing future that supports your dreams, we are here to help you.

Horse & Nature Therapy

The Beer Ranch works in concert with nature and animals. We offer nature based mindfulness coaching on an individual, family or team basis. We also offer Equine Gestalt Coaching services, more commonly referred to as “Horse Therapy.”

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Meet Kimberly Beer

Entrepreneurial Strategist, Creative Adventurer, and Gestaltist

Kim has devoted her career to helping entrepreneurs start and succeed in business. She is a national speaker, published author and an internationally recognized equine photographer. Kim is founder of Be More Business, a company that provides business strategy, education and other services to small business owners. She is a certified Equine Gestaltist through Touched by a Horse.

Kim is also co-host of two podcasts: The Business Animal and Cowgirls with Cameras. You can tune in where ever you listen to podcasts.

Our Approach

We believe in creating SUSTAINABLE, JOYFUL ways to explore your dream. We know that all the answers to the questions you seek are already contained within you — we only assist you in getting into contact with and experimenting with them. We offer a safe, non-judgmental, inclusive place for you to heal, grow, create and manifest. We also believe in sending you on your chosen journey armed with as many tools as possible to be successful — from techniques, to resources and network contacts.

The Process

Through experiential, creative exploration and expression you will be guided onto the perfect path at the perfect time for your journey. As you step onto the path, we are here to assist you through coaching and consulting. Our process can include mindfulness, body awareness, nature therapy, equine assisted emotional therapy, Gestalt coaching, business coaching, personal development, networking, and more.

A Unique Framework

Traditional approaches to personal & professional growth are great—but they are not for everyone. We specialize in working with those who do not get what they need from traditional methodologies. The framework for everything we do is based on creativity and exploration — from personal growth to business development. Thus, we are the perfect fit for mission based business entrepreneurs, artists and those who are attracted to a different way of doing things.