The horses, nature, and magic are calling you in …

Friend, if you’ve made it to this website, consider it a divine appointment. Take a deep breath — you have arrived at the perfect time and are in the perfect place to move toward your wildest dream.

People arrive here for many reasons.

Maybe you’re wanting to step out on a new path or create a purposeful change in your life, career, relationships, or business.

Possibly, you have experienced a trauma, sexual assault, crime, or domestic violence and want to integrate the experience so you can move on with positive energy and freedom.

Grief may have brought you here and you are seeking to reconcile your future without a beloved person, animal, or situation.

You could be on a journey to discover and reconcile your family history or find the path to integrating your ancestral wisdom.

You may desire a deeper connection with nature, magic, and the divine.

Or, you simply know the horses have a message for you which you are now ready to receive.

This is the place you've been seeking ...

Horse Magic Sessions

Horse Magic sessions connect you to your innate knowing through the process of Gestalt and wisdom of the horses. This session truly is magic in every sense of the word — and you control the magic wand to make it anything you want it to be (or hand the wand to a horse and watch the magic grow exponentially).

White Horse Wisdom VIP Experiences

The white horse symbolizes many things including clarity, spiritual enlightenment, healing, and prosperity. White Horse Wisdom Experiences are dedicated to engaging you with the magic of these elements through the horses for your own life.

Horse Magic Days

Experience the magic of Equus through the horses at The Beer Ranch with a group of like-minded adventurers. This is a day devoted to integrating the wisdom the horses have to share with you and those in your cohort. Come with an open mind and a readied heart and you will leave filled up and sparkling from the inside out.

Horsewoman’s Way Journeys & Adventures

The Horsewoman’s Way is actively seeking the joy, peace, and compassion in every situation. The Horsewoman seeks first to understand, and then connected to that understanding, move toward highest good and an outcome that brings balance, harmony, and happiness for all. These are year long journeys and adventures custom designed for you.

Kansas City Group Opportunities

Epona’s Herdmates

Epona’s Herdmates is an ongoing group that meets at an horse facility in the Kansas City Metro area the first and third Sundays every month. Group meetings are 2 ½ hours in length and are a great place to get a much-needed dose of Horse Magic. We explore a variety of Gestalt adventures including member’s present moment needs, parts-of-self work, mandalas, vision work, dream work, temperament, family dynamics, life change, somatics, grief, trauma resolution, mindset shifts and more. Each group session will be different and unique. NEXT SET OF SESSIONS BEGIN IN MARCH 2023

Q1223 Explorers

Q1223 Explorers meet (most) 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings in the first two Quarters of 2023. Meetings are located in Overland Park. The purpose of this group is to explore the creative self. This group does not involve physically present horses. We will focus on getting to know, understand and connect with ourselves — the light and the shadows. This group is a closed group (meaning once you’re in, I ask that you commit to attending at least 9 of the 12 meetings). It is important that as many of us as possible consistently show up so we can adventure through the landscape of self together. Meetings for Quarter 1 and 2 2023 will be: January 11, January 25, February 8, February 22, March 22, April 12, April 26, May 10, May 24, June 28, July 12, and July 26

Women’s Wilderness Horseback Adventure

June 14-18, 2023 at Trapper’s Lake Lodge, Meeker, Colorado

DISCONNECT from the world and RECONNECT to yourself and nature on this exciting adventure in the Medicine Bow/Routt National Forest


You’ve said it a 100 times:

Your phone drives you crazy.
Traffic makes your nerves crawl toward the edge of insanity.
Demands are everywhere and never-ending and you just want a break.
Your calendar is packed with no time left for you or what you want


Your mind is pulled in a thousand directions at once while being covered up with overwhelm.

You crave a place of peace — a place where the trailhead to the rest of your life lays ready to be uncovered.

That place may not exist where you live … but I know a place. Let me tell you about it.

Meet Kimberly Beer

Entrepreneurial Strategist, Creative Adventurer, and Gestaltist

As a life long horsewoman, nature enthusiast, and magical being, Kim wanted to create a sanctuary for healing, divine connection, and personal/professional growth on her family ranch. She has spent many years entrenched in learning the horsewoman’s way of being as well as expanding her knowledge of nature, magic, psychology, and Gestalt so she can bring the perfect blend of these life changing tools to her clients.

In her day job, Kim has been devoted to helping entrepreneurs start and succeed in business and artists grow in their creativity and technical skills. She is a national speaker, published author and an internationally recognized equine photographer. Kim is founder of Be More Business, a company that provides business strategy, education and other services to small business owners. She is a certified Equine Gestaltist through Touched by a Horse.

Kim is also co-host of two podcasts: The Business Animal and Cowgirls with Cameras. She is the author of The Little Book of Big Sales Moves (available on Amazon) and the creator of the Tarot of Equus.

Our Approach

We offer a safe place for you to explore both your dreams and your shadows. We know that all the answers to the questions you seek are already contained within you — we only assist you in getting into contact with and experimenting with them. We offer a non-judgmental, inclusive place for you to heal, grow, create and manifest. We welcome, and are a harborage, for people of all colors, races, genders, sexual preferences, religions, and beliefs. All we ask is that you come here with an open heart and an open mind to explore your personal truth.

The Process

Through experiential, creative exploration and expression you will be guided onto the perfect path at the perfect time for your journey. As you step onto the path, we are here to assist you through coaching and consulting. Our process can include mindfulness, body awareness, nature therapy, equine assisted emotional therapy, Gestalt, business coaching, personal development, networking, and more.

Our Unique Framework

Traditional approaches to personal & professional growth are great—but they are not for everyone. We specialize in working with those who do not get what they need from traditional methodologies. The framework for everything we do is based on creativity and exploration — from personal growth to business development. Thus, we are the perfect fit for those who are attracted to a different way of exploring things. Our methods are non-diagnostic (meaning we don’t look for what’s “wrong” and seek to “fix” it). We also view our animal friends and nature as true partners in the process and so we tune into their wise counsel in guiding our clients through their work.