About The Beer Ranch

This is the place you’ve been seeking…

Horse & Nature Therapy | Entrepreneurial Development

The Beer Ranch is a private family ranch and farmstead located one hour South of Kansas City, Missouri. Spread out over 700+ beautiful acres, the ranch grows crops, livestock, and dreams. Our mission is to work in partnership with nature, animals and humans to build sustainable, joyful ways to express, nourish, create and manifest that which is sought with true spirit.

Explore Yourself on Our Trails

With over 13 miles of trails, you will be able to walk (or ride a horse or motorcycle if you dare!) until you find the fulfillment you’re seeking. Our trails are private — so they are only available to those who are here for a workshop, sequester or Journey.

Reconnect with your Wild Nature

Have you lost touch with the natural world? Has the noise and bustle of urban life begun to drain you to the point of exhaustion? We may only be an hour away from a major metropolitan area, but that hour can make all the difference. Here you will see deer and turkey, hear the birds, see the stars at night, and feel nature be reborn within you.

Connect to Your Wisdom through a Horse

Horse therapy is one of our mainstay tools at The Beer Ranch. We partner with our horses to help humans explore their true direction utilizing the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCMethod). Although it’s not the “usual” way business or growth coaching is “done,” we know you’ll find it especially enlightening!

In a recent study conducted by The Xanthus Center* in Colorado, 93% of respondents felt better after an EGCMethod session and 96% would participate in another session!

*Study is in process through 1/1/2019. Conducted by: Jaclyn S. Manzione, M.S., EGCM Certified Practitioner, Lead Analyst G. Thomas Manzione, Ph.D., LPC, Analyst

Dance with your Muse

How long has it been since you’ve danced with your muse or let your inner child out to play? Perhaps it’s all those commitments you have — cell phones and to-do lists, televisions and chores. STOP. Come join us on the ranch for a sequester at our on-ranch lodging affectionately known as “The Launch Pad”  — a respite, an opportunity to dance with your muse and play with all that’s possible.

The Past and Present

The Beer Ranch was founded in 1964 by Louise and Max Beer. Over the years it has served as a working cattle ranch and farm. Since 2005, the ranch has been operated by Kimberly Beer, Max and Louise’s daughter. Kim’s son, Nick, is a partner in the ranch and Equine Gestalt Coach, Vicki Jurica is our onsite EGCM facilitator as well as co-facilitator for our Journey workshops. Today, the ranch not only features cattle and crops, but has also become a place for fun and a sanctuary for healing the human spirit. Every year, The Beer Ranch hosts a number of events focused on finding joy — whether that joy is experienced going 70 miles an hour down a dirt track on a motorcycle or in the quiet comfort of a horse in a roundpen.