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The Beer Ranch is a private ranch and we are only open to visitors who are here for a ranch service. We do offer Ranch Tours to those interested in working with us as well as complimentary exploratory phone calls. We are open to networking and partner events, so please reach out with you idea!
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Frequently Asked Questions

About what we do.

What do horses have to do with personal and professional growth?

There are many reasons why horses are our go-to animal guide for human support.

First, horses have been an integral part of the human experience — and thus we have been an integral part of their experience as well — since before civilization. As a matter of fact, we owe our civilized society to the horse. They gave us the ability to travel, farm and even fight our enemies.  To me, more than any other animal, horses have chosen to create a symbiotic relationship with man. Today, we no longer need them for work or war, so they are now free to offer their gifts in a different way. They have honed their ability to read and understand their human friends and are masters at "knowing" us in ways we sometimes don't even know ourselves.

If you want to get scientific, horses are very large animals and have huge hearts with amazingly powerful electromagnetic influence over the human body. Just standing in the presence of a calm horse can help you regulate your heart rate and breathing. The size of the horse is also a tid bit intimidating — a fact that tends to force us to stay present in the moment and not drift back into our past or forward into the future. Present moment mindfulness has great value in growth and healing both.

Lastly, horses are just damn good at making people feel better. Ask any horse owner and they will report things like, "Going to the barn on a bad day makes it better" or "Just petting my horse makes me feel calmer and more grounded." As Winston Churchill so aptly pointed out, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man."

How do horses and nature help me build a business?

Horses and nature get you out of your head and can dramatically help you remove the blocks that are keeping you from succeeding.

From Kim: After over 25 years working with business owners to develop marketing programs, I can tell you that the thing that kills most small businesses is not bad ideas, lack of funding or effort on the entrepreneur's part — it's a block somewhere that the entrepreneur has in their past, one they may not even be aware of, that has impacted their ability to succeed.

Horses and nature help you discover and overcome those block you may not even be aware are the cause of an issue. In other words, they symptom may be something that feels totally unrelated to the result. You have to get into the present moment, feel into the situation and hunt around to find the right answer. This is where coaching is a tremendous benefit — an impartial third party that helps you puzzle it out. Horses and nature provide the supportive back drop — and experiential input — that facilitates the process at an accelerated pace and to a higher level for many people.

From Kim: Let me explain it with a fictional example. Let's say as a child, your parents struggled financially. They fought about money. They stressed over the things they couldn't afford or went without things they needed just to get by. You watched all of this, took it in. You may have begun to associate money with struggle and strife. As you proceeded through life, you naturally sought out or attached to those incidents that supported your inclination that money was a root cause of unhappiness. Now, as a service based business owner, you may have trouble setting your prices or invoicing people because you know what a struggle money can be. This results in you not getting paid. Which, in turn, results in the downfall of your business. If we can step in and root out this tendency to associate money with struggle BEFORE it becomes a big issue, you now can sidestep that landmine that would blow up your business' future.


Can I bring my family to the ranch for the day or just go for a hike on the trails?

We are a private ranch and only open to visitors by appointment. We reserve our trails and land for our clients who can benefit from coaching services, workshops or one of our events. You are welcome to attend any of these that fit you needs. We do offer ranch tours to those who are interested in attending or hosting an event here. Please make an appointment before coming to the ranch as we are not always available to assist visitors.

What is the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method or EGCMethod?

The method includes Gestalt which is a proven psychological therapy that has been used for decades. Gestalt is experiential — meaning there is a lot of activity involved unlike talk therapy or coaching. Gestalt is the perfect partner for both equine (horse) and nature work that help us become more whole and provide us with peaceful direction as well as release and resolution of negative past experiences.

The horse in EGCMethod coaching is an active participant in the coaching process which is makes it different from other types of equine assisted coaching or therapy. Although practitioners incorporate horses in many ways into their work, here at The Beer Ranch, the most common encounter you'll have with the EGCMethod is in a roundpen with a horse at liberty (meaning no halter or lead rope). You may go inside the pen with the horse, or you may stay on the outside of the fence depending on your level of comfort and the situation.

Occasionally, especially when working on confidence building, we will have you direct the horse or lead the horse, but you will never ride the horse. Horse therapy is not about control or overcoming your fear of horses, it is about the horse supporting you as you integrate your past and learn how to feel into the present moment for resolutions that effect your future.

What other business services do you offer?

Kim offers a full slate of marketing services through her company, Midnight Productions, Inc. and Be More Business. She teaches marketing and entrepreneurial development classes all across the country. You can find out more about her services and schedule at