Experience the Magic of Horses

at the beer ranch

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Horse Magic Session or Horse Magic Day

2.5 hour individual or full day group sessions with the horses at the ranch.

White Horse Wisdom Experiences

For individuals, couples, friends, or families. One, two and three day options to accommodate your needs and schedule.

Horsewoman's Way Journey and Adventure

Multiple sessions over a year to help you explore deeply and create profound change in your life.

The Ancestral Herd

Look deeply at your family history and gain a connection to both your ancestral trauma and wisdom.

We never allow finances turn away a client who is truly willing to do their work. We offer payment plans and private scholarships. If you would like to assist us in financially supporting those who can’t afford the services they need, we recommend you donate to Hope Through Horses, a 501c3 nonprofit that supports the Equine Gestalt community. Donate here.

Horse Magic Sessions

Awaken to Your Wisdom, Magic, and Divine Empowerment

Horse Magic sessions connect you to your innate knowing through the process of Gestalt and wisdom of the horses. This session truly is magic in every sense of the word — and you control the magic wand to make it anything you want it to be (or hand the wand to a horse and watch the magic grow exponentially).

Clients frequently come to the roundpen (where the horses and I work with you) because they want to explore a situation, question, feeling, reaction, or trauma that has been coming “up” for them lately. If this is true for you, the horses stand ready to help you work through until you find the answer, resolve the feeling, turn the reaction into a response, or heal the trauma. If you are being called to come to the horses without an obvious reason, please follow that feeling — the horses and the universe are reaching out to you, and we will uncover the reason as we work together. Everyone who arrives here open mind and open heart will benefit from a Horse Magic session.

Current Session slots are: Mondays 2:30-5 pm, Thursdays 3-5:30 pm, Fridays 10:30 am – 1 pm and 2-4:30 pm, Saturdays 9-11:30 am, 12:30-3 pm and 3:30-6 pm or by appointment.

$333 per session includes full experience plus follow-up Zoom session.

You’re in the perfect place for a Horse Magic Session if you:

  • are having a reaction to a situation or event rather than being able to choose your response
  • wish to step out on a new path or create a change in your life, career, relationships, or business.
  • keep repeating a drama in your life and you want to stop.
  • endured a failure and have not been able to get your mojo back since.
  • experienced a trauma or a loss and now want to integrate the experience so you can move on with positive energy and freedom.
  • Had your sexual boundaries crossed or experienced violence from another and are ready to integrate the experience and rediscover who you are now.
  • have a problem or situation causing you distress and you need a resolution.
  • feel lost, burned out or stuck in your life progress.
  • are struggling making a choice or decision.
  • have a broken heart or are having difficulty in your relationships.
  • desire to make peace for yourself with your childhood and/or family.
  • want to adjust your mindset.
  • found yourself losing momentum to a limiting belief or excuse.
  • carry around unfinished business you want close — even with someone who is no longer alive or is estranged from you.
  • want to rewrite a negative script in your head, heart, or soul.
  • desire a deeper relationship with nature, magic and the divine.
  • feel your body has a message it wants you to understand.
  • are an artist or writer who wants a more productive relationship with your muse.
  • believe the horses have a message for you and you are ready to receive.
Sessions run from one hour to two hours. Plan to be a the ranch for 2.5 hours so you have plenty of time.  You do not need horse experience. There will be no riding. Sessions are held outdoors on a working farm. Please dress for the weather — in layers if it is Spring or Fall — and wear closed toe shoes. Also understand other animals are always present — animals poop, pee, have sex, make noise and do their animal things no matter who is present to see it.

Horse Magic Days

Just One Day Tours and The Beer Ranch join forces!
We do the driving, serve you lunch, and have a day packed with enlightening, magical experiences for you!

Experience the magic of Equus through the horses at The Beer Ranch with a group of like-minded adventurers. This is a day devoted to integrating the wisdom the horses have to share with you and those in your cohort. Come with an open mind and a readied heart and you will leave filled up and sparkling from the inside out.

You’ll begin your adventure at 8:00 am at a designated Kansas City Metro pickup point where you will join your cohort for the day. Relax and enjoy the countryside through the window of the comfortable bus as you make your way to The Beer Ranch.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the horses as well as a host of other animal companions. We will gather at the roundpen (weather permitting) or in the barn and begin a day filled with magic and messages from the horses.

Mid-day we will enjoy a gourmet catered lunch served in nature. (Please let us know dietary restrictions when booking!).

After your experience, you will be returned to the pick-up point in the Kansas City Metro (arrive by 5 pm), your heart full and your mind peaceful.

$297 includes transprotation, lunch, and all activities.

Dates for 2023: April 15, May 13 (special Mother's Day experience), June 9, July 8, September 9, October 14 (New Moon Celebration), November 11 (special Veterans Day experience).

White Horse Wisdom Experiences

Explore for a full day, weekend, or long weekend. For individuals, teams, couples, friends, or families.

The white horse symbolizes many things including clarity, spiritual enlightenment, healing, and prosperity. A White Horse Wisdom Day is dedicated to engaging you with the magic of these elements through the horses for your own life. (FYI actual white horses may or may not be involved in this day.)

This day is all for you and it will take on the perfect shape just for you. You arrive at the ranch at 9:30 am to be greeted by the horses, myself, and my assistant. From here we will take a winding journey through whatever is up for you — we may examine your family and their impact (good and bad) on your life or explore a business idea you’ve been wanting to launch. We may take a deep look at a traumatic experience that has altered how you show up in the world so you can integrate it and remove the uncomfortable charge around it. We may work on connecting you with your creativity so you can write that book, generate art, or fully embrace a passion that you’ve been denying. If you’re feeling stuck or burned out in your life, we will ask the horses to assist you in making the salve to heal your heart and energize you as you move forward on your path. Whatever you need, this day will become.

If you have a relationship you’d like to deepen, heal, or enliven, this day can be experienced by the two people in the relationship. Gestalt and the horses are the perfect partners in fostering awareness, shifts, and understanding that lead to more meaningful, joyful relationships between spouses, friends, parent/child, partners, and teammates.

If you are a family seeking balance and more meaningful interactions, your White Horse Wisdom VIP Day will be dedicated to creating understanding of and finding peace with each other. This day is a truly enlightening experience for everyone and will lead you closer to balance and harmony in your home or homes. Blended families are welcome to bring all members to work toward a common goal of compassion and communication. Children must be 12 or older to join.

Another way to experience a White Horse Wisdom Day is in the safe sisterhood of your girlfriends. We take groups of three, four, or five women who would like to create a group day for healing, personal growth, deepened friendships, and joy.

Single: $893
Couple: $1333
Family:$1800 up to 6 members
Girlfriend Getaway: $1500 up to 5 women

White Horse Wisdom Weekend — Expand your VIP day into a weekend or long weekend.

 2 days: $1700 plus $650 per additional person
3 days: $2100 plus $650 per additional person

Horsewoman’s Way Journeys & Adventures


Year long explorations for those looking for profound change and empowerment.

The Horsewoman’s Way is to actively seeking the joy, peace, and compassion in every situation. The Horsewoman seeks first to understand, and then with that understanding move toward highest good and an outcome that brings balance, harmony, and happiness for all.

You begin this journey with a personal exploration day — at your home or my ranch – where we map out your upcoming adventure. Over the next twelve months you will come the to the ranch for four Horse Magic sessions. After each session, you can take advantage of two 30 minute follow up Gestalt integration sessions via zoom or one hour long Gestalt integration session at your home or here on the ranch. In addition, you receive free admission to the seasonal moon celebrations at the ranch plus a discount on my workshops and Horse Magic Days. $2220 can be paid $444 commitment investment and then 4 quarterly payments of $444

The Horsewoman’s Way Annual Adventure — A year long experience continued after The Horsewoman’s Way Annual Journey. Includes three Horse Magic Sessions plus free admission to the seasonal moon. $222 paid quarterly.

The Ancestral Herd


An ongoing exploration into family history, ancestral trauma, and ancestral wisdom.

One of the most wonderful things I see in our current culture is a growing understanding of ancestral wisdom and trauma. All families carry both — and reconciling them is a divine undertaking.

This deep family and history work requires dedication, openness, and a desire to change the future for those around us while healing the wounds of the past. If you have been called to explore your ancestors or have picked up the mantle to create change in the future generations of your family, Gestalt is an excellent vehicle to help you arrive at a destination that both heals the trauma and honors the wisdom of the people who had a hand in making you, you. If you have children or are planning to have children, it allows you to the opportunity to recognize unhealthy legacies and make the choice to remove them from your parenting and hopefully all future generations.

Because none of us exist in a vacuum, the ancestral work I do with you also encompasses your cultural and spiritual heritage as well as all other important factors that we inherit along with our humanness.

I am uniquely qualified to walk beside you on this journey because of my Gestalt certification as well as my knowledge of genealogy research and my own personal ancestral family journey.

This work is ongoing and unique to each person who desires to go on the journey — if you are intrigued and want to explore your ancestral herd, please reach out for a 15 minute Zoom with me and let’s talk about how to proceed.

Coaches, Mentors, Therapists: Bring the Magic of Horses to Your Clients!

Horse Magic can enrich any coaching, therapy, or mentorship program. Please reach out to me to explore partnering with me to bring the magic, healing, and inspiration of the horses to your clients. I offer co-profit options with a non-compete agreement as well as referral kickbacks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About what we do.

What do horses have to do with personal and professional growth?

There are many reasons why horses are our go-to animal guide for human support.

First, horses have been an integral part of the human experience — and thus we have been an integral part of their experience as well — since before civilization. As a matter of fact, we owe our civilized society to the horse. They gave us the ability to travel, farm and even fight our enemies.  To me, more than any other animal, horses have chosen to create a symbiotic relationship with man. Today, we no longer need them for work or war, so they are now free to offer their gifts in a different way. They have honed their ability to read and understand their human friends and are masters at "knowing" us in ways we sometimes don't even know ourselves.

If you want to get scientific, horses are very large animals and have huge hearts with amazingly powerful electromagnetic influence over the human body. Just standing in the presence of a calm horse can help you regulate your heart rate and breathing. The size of the horse is also a tid bit intimidating — a fact that tends to force us to stay present in the moment and not drift back into our past or forward into the future. Present moment mindfulness has great value in growth and healing both.

Lastly, horses are just damn good at making people feel better. Ask any horse owner and they will report things like, "Going to the barn on a bad day makes it better" or "Just petting my horse makes me feel calmer and more grounded." As Winston Churchill so aptly pointed out, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man."

How do horses and nature help me build a business?

Horses and nature get you out of your head and can dramatically help you remove the blocks that are keeping you from succeeding.

From Kim: After over 25 years working with business owners to develop marketing programs, I can tell you that the thing that kills most small businesses is not bad ideas, lack of funding or effort on the entrepreneur's part — it's a block somewhere that the entrepreneur has in their past, one they may not even be aware of, that has impacted their ability to succeed.

Horses and nature help you discover and overcome those block you may not even be aware are the cause of an issue. In other words, they symptom may be something that feels totally unrelated to the result. You have to get into the present moment, feel into the situation and hunt around to find the right answer. This is where coaching is a tremendous benefit — an impartial third party that helps you puzzle it out. Horses and nature provide the supportive back drop — and experiential input — that facilitates the process at an accelerated pace and to a higher level for many people.

From Kim: Let me explain it with a fictional example. Let's say as a child, your parents struggled financially. They fought about money. They stressed over the things they couldn't afford or went without things they needed just to get by. You watched all of this, took it in. You may have begun to associate money with struggle and strife. As you proceeded through life, you naturally sought out or attached to those incidents that supported your inclination that money was a root cause of unhappiness. Now, as a service based business owner, you may have trouble setting your prices or invoicing people because you know what a struggle money can be. This results in you not getting paid. Which, in turn, results in the downfall of your business. If we can step in and root out this tendency to associate money with struggle BEFORE it becomes a big issue, you now can sidestep that landmine that would blow up your business' future.


Can I bring my family to the ranch for the day or just go for a hike on the trails?

We are a private ranch and only open to visitors by appointment. We reserve our trails and land for our clients who can benefit from coaching services, workshops or one of our events. You are welcome to attend any of these that fit you needs. We do offer ranch tours to those who are interested in attending or hosting an event here. Please make an appointment before coming to the ranch as we are not always available to assist visitors.

What is the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method or EGCMethod?

The method includes Gestalt which is a proven psychological therapy that has been used for decades. Gestalt is experiential — meaning there is a lot of activity involved unlike talk therapy or coaching. Gestalt is the perfect partner for both equine (horse) and nature work that help us become more whole and provide us with peaceful direction as well as release and resolution of negative past experiences.

The horse in EGCMethod coaching is an active participant in the coaching process which is makes it different from other types of equine assisted coaching or therapy. Although practitioners incorporate horses in many ways into their work, here at The Beer Ranch, the most common encounter you'll have with the EGCMethod is in a roundpen with a horse at liberty (meaning no halter or lead rope). You may go inside the pen with the horse, or you may stay on the outside of the fence depending on your level of comfort and the situation.

Occasionally, especially when working on confidence building, we will have you direct the horse or lead the horse, but you will never ride the horse. Horse therapy is not about control or overcoming your fear of horses, it is about the horse supporting you as you integrate your past and learn how to feel into the present moment for resolutions that effect your future.

What other business services do you offer?

Kim offers a full slate of marketing services through her company, Midnight Productions, Inc. and Be More Business. She teaches marketing and entrepreneurial development classes all across the country. You can find out more about her services and schedule at http://bemorebusiness.com