Do you have a happiness compass?

As a culture, we are focused on finding happiness. So many of us, however, have never thought deeply about what happiness might actually look like when it shows up at our door.

Stop and think about the word “blissful.” Blissful is the term for “perfect happiness.” What image does that conjure up for you? A wide smiling face? Warm sunshine? The color yellow? Is it the sound of laughter?

What, exactly, does “bliss” look like and feel like for you?

If you’re having some difficulty, sitting in reality looking for the manifestation of the word blissful, it may be time to go on an inner journey. You know what might help with that journey? A Happiness Compass! Guess what, I have one! His name is Prince and he is most agreeable in helping you find the direction toward your bliss. Come see us today!

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