How do you interact with challenge?

I don’t sew and the reason I tell myself I don’t sew is because I can never get my finished project to look like it does in my head. The edges of the material never seem to come together the way I promised myself they would and that leaves me frustrated. This means I avoid the sewing machine (to be blunt, I lost both of my sewing machines in my last move – and not purposefully lol — they vanished). It is also reflected in a box of half-finished sewing projects stored in my closet. If asked, I’ll tell you, “I don’t sew.” Which is not wholly the truth — I sew (when I can find the sewing machine) and I find it very challenging.

I am not alone here, and not just when it comes to the sewing machine.

In my business right now I have a bunch of entrepreneurs working on their websites. I’m sure they will full appreciate the parallel between my sewing and their excursion as a website developer. Now that I think about it, it may be why so many of them lose their passwords, lol. Not so oddly, I faced down the challenge of learning website development, mastered it, and became successful enough to lead others through the process.

So much of life is about working through the challenges we face when our expectations and reality don’t exactly match up. How we choose to work through those challenges, and what we value in the outcome of that challenge, is crucial.

The bottom line, my mother valued sewing, I really do not. This means the sewing challenge is wrapped up in a hodgepodge of family and relationship mumbo jumbo I need to work through if I want to conquer it. Website development, on the other hand, gives me a good excuse to connect with my muse, and I can never get enough of her artistry.

I’m curious, how do you work through challenge? Do you want to explore how to do it better? 

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