The metaphor for you life.

No. No. No. The cold seeps in through all the cracks, freezing my capacity to think, to move, to act.

A blanket would help I think, block out what the supersaturation of the chill. But then am I just covering up the inevitable? The cold is diligent in finding a way to champion its cause. The stiffness in me makes change harder and I wish there was wd-40 for the soul so I could spray the joints of change and encourage them to move again.

What you have just read is a metaphor — and they are not just for stuffy English teachers to use against you on unannounced essay exams! As humans we often use metaphor to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our emotions. Metaphor is everywhere in our language and our lives — and we use them without thinking.

Did you know that the metaphors your brain repeats have a deeper meaning? Every one is an invitation to explore deeper and discover more about yourself.

If you have a metaphor showing up in your life on repeat, let’s explore it with the horses. They have an magical way of supporting us in finding our truth and will partner with the metaphor to bring that deeper understanding to the surface where you can play with it.

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