Storms that reveal.

Storms can destroy, and storms can reveal.

I live in the Midwest and we are no stranger to storms of all kinds. From whirlwinds to blizzards, the weather is here can be rough. I’ve seen it obliterate homes, uproot trees, and rearrange whole environments. The clash is sometimes so violent, the world after looks nothing like it did before.

Trauma is like a storm in our lives. It can obliterate how we live in our bodies, uproot our values, and rearrange our lives. It can reveal our soft places making us feel vulnerable.

The strange part is — and this is true of storms as well — there are times when we don’t even realize there has been damage to our structures. I am reminded of a hailstorm I thought wasn’t that bad, until months later the true damage was revealed on the roof of my home.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in your body or like you’ve lost a handle on your life, trauma is at the root of it.

I’m not a weather witch. I can’t change the flow of a storm from Mother Nature. I am, however, a Gestaltist, and I can facilitate you changing the flow of trauma through your body. I can walk beside you as you access the damaged places and support you as you mend them.

Storms are inevitable; allowing them to change you in a way you don’t not wish to be changed is not.

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