The scripts that drive us.

The timing has to be perfect.

This was a belief my mother gave me when I was very small. She had an unplausible theory that “the right things” were “easy” and timing was a big part of that equation. If it didn’t flow, it didn’t go in my house. I can remember as a child going to look at some 4-H chickens to add to my show string and there were lots of obstacles — traffic, bad directions, a bridge under construction. My mother baled. “This isn’t right,” she said. We went home without chickens. I was very disappointed.

As a sensitive child with dyslexia, some things didn’t come easy for me. Emotions and math primarily, but those two things trickle into other activities and add their complications to that all important timing objective. It always made me feel like something was wrong.

This small notion — something that looking back on as an adult I can see even broached onto silly, was a big thing in my life. You see, it lay hidden in the back of my mind, always running, like malware on a computer. It affected my day to day, dogged me even, and I was unaware.

Whenever a big challenge presented itself — a promotion at work, an opportunity for a partnership, a love relationship — I would find myself getting resistant if the going got tough. Instead of remaining positive, I’d give up.

Gestalt is like a magic wand. When I began taking it seriously, began examining how I did things as much as I questioned why outcomes happened the way they did, I suddenly had the power to change things. I found that hidden script in my head, recorded in my mother’s voice, and changed it. It changed the way I approached challenges, and that shift has made a big difference in my life.

My truth is that I don’t believe things are “bad” or “wrong” if they are difficult — I actually enjoy welcoming the challenge.

If you’re ready to explore your hidden scripts, the horses and I are ready to walk with you on the journey.

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