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Epona's Herdmates

Fluid group that meets the first and third Sunday at a Kansas City area horse facility.

Soul Troupe Players

Ongoing Gestalt Group

Horse Magic Days

We take care of the driving, the food, and the experience, you show up and reap the magic! (At The Beer Ranch).

Women's Wilderness Horseback Adventure

Group experience June 14-18, Trappers Lake Lodge, Meeker, Colorado. Horses, hiking, fishing, and magic in the wilderness.

We never allow finances turn away a client who is truly willing to do their work. We offer payment plans and private scholarships. If you would like to assist us in financially supporting those who can’t afford the services they need, we recommend you donate to Hope Through Horses, a 501c3 nonprofit that supports the Equine Gestalt community. Donate here.

Kansas City Group Opportunities

Epona’s Herdmates

Epona’s Herdmates is an ongoing group that meets at an horse facility in South Kansas City (near I-49 and Grandview Road) Group meetings are 2 ½ hours in length and are a great place to get a much-needed dose of Horse Magic. We explore a variety of Gestalt adventures including member’s present moment needs, parts-of-self work, mandalas, vision work, dream work, temperament, family dynamics, life change, somatics, grief, trauma resolution, mindset shifts and more. Each group session will be different and unique. NEXT SESSION MARCH 19. 

Soul Troupe Players

We meet on select Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 at The Restoration House at 109th and Grandview Road The purpose of this group is to explore the creative self. This group does not involve physically present horses. We will focus on getting to know, understand and connect with ourselves — the light and the shadows. This is a profound and fun group!

Horse Magic Days

Just One Day Tours and The Beer Ranch join forces!
We do the driving, serve you lunch, and have a day packed with enlightening, magical experiences for you!

Experience the magic of Equus through the horses at The Beer Ranch with a group of like-minded adventurers. This is a day devoted to integrating the wisdom the horses have to share with you and those in your cohort. Come with an open mind and a readied heart and you will leave filled up and sparkling from the inside out.

You’ll begin your adventure at 8:00 am at a designated Kansas City Metro pickup point where you will join your cohort for the day. Relax and enjoy the countryside through the window of the comfortable bus as you make your way to The Beer Ranch.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the horses as well as a host of other animal companions. We will gather at the roundpen (weather permitting) or in the barn and begin a day filled with magic and messages from the horses.

Mid-day we will enjoy a gourmet catered lunch served in nature. (Please let us know dietary restrictions when booking!).

After your experience, you will be returned to the pick-up point in the Kansas City Metro (arrive by 5 pm), your heart full and your mind peaceful.

$297 includes transprotation, lunch, and all activities.

Dates for 2023: April 15, May 13 (special Mother's Day experience), June 9, July 8, September 9, October 14 (New Moon Celebration), November 11 (special Veterans Day experience).

Women’s Wilderness Horseback Adventure

June 14-18, 2023 at Trapper’s Lake Lodge, Meeker, Colorado

DISCONNECT from the world and RECONNECT to yourself and nature on this exciting adventure in the Medicine Bow/Routt National Forest


Trappers Lake is located where civilization ends and the wilderness begins. It is rustic and hardy; and it is most definitely magical. Nature surrounds you here, cradles you, holds you and whispers wisdom in your ears and onto your heart.

The Utes once camped here with their stock, taking advantage of the bounty of the land. It was almost developed, but the humans who saw and felt the magic of this place, fought for it to stay wild and free. It is the birthplace of the Wilderness Act which now protects it. This means no wheels and engines tread beyond the cabins where you stay at Trappers Lake Lodge. It also means only so many heartbeats can enter the wilderness at one time, keeping human intervention to a minimum. It is a place of peace. It is a place of deep and powerful nature magic. It is a place to heal and receive profound wisdom.

In this place, you can detangle yourself from the endless noise of modern life and connect to the magic of the trees and rocks and birds and animals. The internet, telephones, electricity all take a backseat to nature. You will detox from all of those things that have driven human beings toward overwhelm and you will move with your sisters through the wilderness finding the answers to your deepest questions along the way.

 Some things you need to know:


You will not be able to connect to the internet.

You will not have cell service.

You will share a bathroom with others.

Your cabin will be shared with one other woman and, while comfortable, be minimally outfitted.

You will not have a fridge or tv in your room.

You will not have electricity after 9 pm at night.

You will see the stars shine the way they shined on your ancestors.

You will be riding horses and experiencing their magic in many other ways as well.

You will be stepping outside your comfort zone as you experience nature and healing through horses and the Gestalt process.

You will be in the mountains where beauty both beauty and the scars of past trauma exist side-by-side just as it does in all of our lives.

You will discover your wild, magic self — that part of you that got lost or you never knew existed because she has been buried underneath the cacophony of technology and modern life.


Inclusive price: $3,200

Includes all experiences, lodging, meals, riding, and Gestalt sessions. Does not include travel. Plan to fly into Denver (3 hours by car) or Grand Junction, (2 hours by car) Colorado.